How to handle bad weather at an outdoor wedding venue

When hosting a wedding at an outdoor venue like Proctor Farm, it’s important to have a plan in place to handle bad weather. Fortunately, Proctor Farm has equally special indoor and outdoor chapel options for a beautiful ceremony even if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Proctor Farm has had rain and even snow on occasion, with guests even taking selfies with a snowman. Reception and dancing are held indoors with beautiful lighting and picture-perfect settings. 

Once there was a wedding party from the country of Columbia with 90% of their guests visiting from there. On the day of the wedding it snowed  8” providing a memorable experience for these guests who had never seen snow.

Bad Weather Advice for an Outdoor Wedding Venue

Sometimes it can enhance the wedding – showing consideration to your guests in different ways can be endearing. If inclement weather is predicted, you can provide helpful items like blankets and umbrellas depending on the weather. We have plenty of fans (and air conditioning) for summertime heat.

Handling bad weather at an outdoor wedding venue can be challenging, but with some preparation and flexibility, you will have a beautiful and memorable wedding day. 

For some outdoor wedding venues you might need to rent tents to for shelter in case of rain or strong winds. You can also rent heaters or fans, depending on the weather. (Tents, heaters, or fans  aren’t ever necessary at Proctor Farm)

Provide appropriate attire suggestions: Make sure your guests know bad weather is predicted and make appropriate clothing suggestions. For example, if you’re expecting rain, encourage guests to bring umbrellas and rain jackets.

Keep guests comfortable: If it’s cold, provide blankets or shawls, and if it’s hot, fans or cold drinks. Plus we do everything we can to make sure your guests are  comfortable and enjoy the wedding, regardless of the weather.

Be flexible: If the weather is bad, be willing to adjust your plans. You might need to rearrange seating, move the ceremony indoors, or delay the start time. Being flexible and having an open mind will help you enjoy your day, no matter what the weather brings.

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