Proctor Farm

The wedding party with the bride and groom

Life was meant for good friends and weddings

The Venue

If you’re looking for a venue that feels like an enchanted southern fairytale, you’ve come to the right place. Proctor Farm is the brainchild of Kathy and Michael Proctor, who set out to create a wedding venue that feels like home. Across the property, the Proctors have sprinkled hidden gems – wrought iron fences, vintage trucks, and enchanted forests, just waiting for you to find them! We invite you to wander the grounds to see what you can find (it’s even handicap accessible!).

Each space is grounded in the Proctor’s love of family, music, and Christ. Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor space, an elegant outdoor venue or a charming, eclectic chapel, you can get a little of everything at Proctor Farm.

Every bride need a special entrance

Outdoor Chapel

The outdoor chapel is one of two ceremony areas at Proctor Farm. The entry is flanked by wrought iron gates and wooden doors, handpicked and crafted by the Proctors. This also serves as the perfect entrance for the bride, as the doors are closed after guests and the wedding party file in, and open only when the bride knocks.

The aisle is lined with 24 church pews and iron hooks that are perfect for your aisle decorations. As many as 200 guests can be seated here, though extra seating is available with advance notice. The chapel itself resembles a wooden and stacked stone church, with stained glass windows and a chandelier offsetting the open air structure. Off to one side is a smaller open-air structure, perfect for live music, an “In Memory” space, or another opportunity to put your decorative touch. To the other side is the bell, which rings on the hour at the beginning of your ceremony.

The grounds surrounding the outdoor chapel are lush and vibrant, the surrounding evergreens providing a beautiful backdrop no matter the season. When it comes to the outdoors, we know the unpredictability of the weather can weigh heavy on a bride or groom’s mind, so we have an indoor chapel that’s always ready in case of inclement weather.

I married the person that I can’t live without

Indoor Chapel

Whether you’re looking for a climate controlled space, or a venue with a church feel, we created the indoor chapel to become the perfect place for your wedding. As you enter, the cobblestone walkway guides you around a fountain and evergreen shrubbery, so you know you’ll have a stunning background to the wooden chapel. Inside, stained glass windows dating back to the 1800’s adorn the wall, and vintage chandeliers and fans are overhead to make sure to light your big day beautifully, and make sure it feels great, too.

Exposed beams make the space feel open, and the wooden chapel invites warmth into the space. The indoor and outdoor chapels seat the same number of people, 200, and church pews face the altar, where you’ll exchange vows in front of all your loved ones.

Eat and be MARRIED

Banquet Hall

Your grand entrance as bride and groom can be made with two 10 foot-tall barn doors leading into the Banquet Hall! This reception area was created to be as flexible as possible. No matter what you’re hoping for, we can make it happen in this space. Here, we have a prep kitchen so your licensed caterer can have a place to prepare your wedding menu. There’s a place for a buffet and drink station as well if you aren’t looking for a served meal. We can house round or long tables, and can seat up to 200.

For dessert, we have tables on wheels so you can configure your area as you’d like. Whether you have a traditional wedding cake and grooms’ cake, cupcakes, or donuts (did someone say “donut wall”?), let us know what you’d like!

On one side of the banquet hall is a courtyard. This is a perfect place to have your first dance, or a lovely outdoor spot to sit outside and visit with your guests. The other side leads to the bar, outfitted with a fridge and plenty of space to serve whatever you’d like. Past that is what we call the High Lonesome Saloon, the perfect place for music and dancing!

Here’s to love, laughter, and happily ever after

High Lonesome Saloon

Perhaps the most unique and special location at Proctor Farm, the High Lonesome Saloon is where the after party happens. Your DJ or live band will set up here so the party can keep going, even while some of your older relatives hang back in the banquet hall to chat and reminisce.

On the main floor, we have a photo booth, DJ stand, stage, and most importantly, a dance floor. This opens up to the second floor, which you can reach by climbing up the stairs to take a quick dance break and have a seat.

The saloon as been loved by many wedding parties, but it’s also been used as a private concert venue! The stage has held Grammy Award winners and Rock and Roll Hall of Famers. Music memorabilia adorns the walls, so keep an eye out for these hidden gems!

No longer two, but one

Sound system

No matter where you decide to have your ceremony or reception, you’ll know you can always hear music or mic’d audio. We have an audio booth in both chapels, which Michael and his team will be manning on your big day. In the outdoor chapel, a shotgun mic hangs right above the altar, so you, your soulmate, and the officiant can be heard. Speakers are mounted in the beams above so that even if you’re outside, even the guests in the back can hear every word!

Indoors, we have a similar set up. So, if your outdoor wedding needs to be moved inside, all we have to do is move a couple pieces of equipment and you’re ready to go.

In the banquet hall, we have a space set up for you to connect any kind of music. Your DJ can plug into this sound system, or this is the perfect space for a curated playlist.

The Saloon is a space created around music, and that includes the sound system that’s perfect for a live band! If you choose a DJ, they will need to bring their own equipment. Either way, they’ll have plenty of room and will sound great.

Proctor Farm is hands down the best wedding venue in Northwest Georgia. The venue itself offers so much versatility. The venue has both an indoor chapel and outdoor setup that are both beautifully decorated, and can be customized to any couple's preferences. My husband and I were married in the indoor chapel, and loved its timeless simplicity showcased by its stained glass windows and wooden pews.
Johna Collette Riggs